We would like as many photos on our gallery page as possible, however  we do require permission of anyone under the age of 18.  If anyone has photos of our netball players in action they would like displayed, please email to

Please obtain permission from everyone in the photo, however, we may be able to crop photos to omit opposition players.  Please advise us if cropping is required or please send us the cropped photo. 

By sending us the photos, you are agreeing to them being placed on our web site.  No names will be mentioned unless otherwise agreed to.




Picture of a Netball ShotGroup Photo of Winthrop Netball Club MembersPhoto of Amyphoto of three netballersphoto of EmmaNetballer in actionSenior A4 team photo

JB1 Winners 2007 Under 19 Div 3 Winners 2008 JA 2 Winners 2008

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